The Sauna is the perfect opportunity to relax with friends, warm up during a cold winter, or to build up your immune system. Before booking and using the Sauna please read the following rules carefully 

What are the rules?

The Sauna has been renovated in 2020 and we hope that many generations of students can enjoy this luxury. 

  1. If you detect any damage or if any problems during your stay contact us immediately ( Please report any damage that occurs during your stay, as we can fix it as soon as possible and may limit the costs to your benefit. 
  2. You can turn the sauna on/off and set the temperature via the control panel. Please turn it off afterwards.
  3. Act responsibly and carefully with the facilities, this includes but is not limited to:
  4. Only put water on the stones (no beer!!!). Put water on the stones carefully and in limited quantities as it is an electric oven!
  5. Do not bring any food or drinks (besides water) into the sauna. Especially do not place red wine or other coloured drinks on the wood – they leave really bad marks!
  6. Sit on a towel inside the sauna, not on the bare wood.
  7. Clean up after your visit. Don’t leave behind any litter! Read the checklist in the changing room for details 
  8. As the main booker you are responsible for all of your guests, please inform them about the rules. You are also liable for all damage induced by you or any of your guests – also any exceeding the deposit. 

How much does it cost?

To use the Sauna you have to pay a deposit of 300 SEK after we checked the facilities. Additionally, a small fee of 33 SEK will be charged to cover regular expenses such as cleaning supplies and amenities.

Where is the sauna located?

The sauna is located at Körsbärsvägen 4b inside the tenant’s quarters, one level down right in front of the laundry room.


If you have any general questions: