Music Room

The music room is a place for you to explore your artistic abilities. Here you will find most of what you need for a music session. You can request access to the music room below.


  1. One electric guitar,
  2. An electric drum set
  3. A piano.

How much does it cost?

  • Membership costs 300 SEK for 6 months with a deposit of 300 SEK which you get back once you return your key.
  • Membership renewal occurs each April and each October every year. That means if you pay in April, you renew in October after six months etc.
  • Deposit is paid only once at the start when one starts their membership.

What are the rules?

  • The general rule of the room is you leave it as you found it.
  • Clean and the instruments back in place.
  • If you destroy something for example a guitar string breaks you have the responsibility to replace or fix it.

Where is the music room located?

The music room is located at Körsbärsvägen 4b inside the tenant’s quarters, one level down (level K1 in the elevator) next to the gym.


Get in contact with the music room responsible via email: a

Membership + Deposit

600 krAdd to cart

Membership renewal

300 krAdd to cart