Roof Terrace

2400 kr



How to book the Rooftop terrace

Step 1 : Read the rules for rooftop booking as listed below
Step 2 : Add your details in the Appointment System below. If a particular date is not available(eg. booked by someone else), it is in grey colour in the calender. After you fill the form, we get an email with your details.
Step 3 : To send us the deposit, use details as listed below in section ‘Deposit payment’. Booking the rooftop does not cost anything but there is a deposit.

Rules for Rooftop booking

A deposit of 2400 SEK must be paid to confirm the reservation. The deposit will be refunded after use if there have been no violation of the following:

  • The terrace, and ALL property (including, sofa, tables etc), should be left in the same condition as it was.
  • No trash should be left behind, including garbage bags, empty bottles and cigarette butts.
  • No complaints from neighbors (!) If SSSB received complaints, the deposit will not be paid back as it will be used to pay SSSB for the cost of the security showing up.